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Christmas is a wonderful holiday celebrated by billions of people worldwide according to Wikipedia's Christmas page. Such an event must be truly wonderful to be shared by nearly the entire planet.

Thousands of Christmas movies have been made over the years and you can see our top 25 list here, The #1 movie is "A Christmas Story" according to and many other websites.

Christmas music starts earlier and earlier it seems and there's no shortage of creative people using youtube to give everyone their own versions of Christmas music. On the Cool Stuff page there's links to creative youtube videos like this version of Carol of the Bells.

You cannot think of Christmas without gift giving and because of Christmas retailers enjoy billions of dollars in sales. Christmas is also responsible for the biggest shopping day of the year (Black Friday) where consumers can enjoy great savings with a little luck and patients and has even spawned websites dedicated to providing sneak peaks if these ads.

We hope you enjoy because we enjoy Christmas and we enjoy you visiting. Merry Christmas!